Business Mentor

Do You want to start a business and dont know where to start or what kind of business you want to have? My business start up class is just the thing for you! I will help you figure out your interests. I will teach you how to properly market yourself and more. Each meeting is about 2-4 hours long maximum.

  • Date: 11/10/2020 12:33 PM
  • Location: To Be Announced


Ticket Type
Help me choose my business idea
Do you want to start a business and have a list of ideas but need help deciding? Well I’m the CEO mentor just for you. Let me help you bring your ideas to life. Something people go into business thinking a certain occupation is for them. Let me be the first to tell you.... everything is not for everybody! This 1 on 1 will help guid you on the right path for success. I will also give my advise on what’s the best business start up for you based on our meeting. This class can be held via virtual video chat or in person. Due to the covid -19 all business meetings will be held via video.
Help my business grow
Do you have a business and need help with making sales and getting your business name out there? This is just the ticket selection for you! Let me help you market yourself and tech you everything that i have learned about business. I will teach you the importance of becoming a vendor at events, Networking , and more. Now is the time to invest in yourself. You will never get where you want if you keep procrastinating.
Vendor list / Advice for retail business
Are you in the beauty business and need help with finding vendors for starting you lash line, lip gloss cosmetic line, hair business , merchandise and more. This is the 1 on 1 that you need. I will give you some of the best vendors that i have and supply products from at wholesale. I will also show and tell you how to market your new business and how to manage your income based on what you spend to re invest and what you make from sales. Your future business begins with you. Take the chance on yourself and start your future dream career today.




For years so many people have been in boxing or emailing me and asking me.... Kee how do you start a business? Or ...Kee, I need help with my business. So by popular demand i decided to add business mentor ship as a way for me to help all of the aspiring entrepreneurs become successful. I wish i had someone give me the advice and information to me that i have to offer to you. If i did id be a lot further a lot faster. At the same time, I wouldn't change my journey for the world. 3 years in business, started from the ground up with little to nothing but my good faith and consistency. 5+ figures and 2 shop locations later, I want to help you become successful. Take this time to invest in yourself. I did it! Will you become the next best C.E.O ?